Some of our clients have chosen to promote their own websites through our portal

Pier In
Hornsea's only Scoop Shop.  Located in the centre of the small village of Hornsea.

Halifax Track
This track hosted the 2005 European Championships and the website attracted over 135,000 hits during the period of the Championships (August 2005) and served out over 2.5gb of data to visitors from around the world.  The site uses a CMS (Content Management System) to allow site authors to publish data/information of the site without the need to have technical knowledge of uploading content/pages to the internet.

Sam Town
This website was created to celebrate the birth of Sam Town, it now acts as a photo album for friends and relatives around the world to view his progress since birth.  One of the particular features of this site is the photo album that requires no maintenance to publish new images on the web - This means that anyone with access to upload images can place a new image on the web site.

All the clients listed above have agreed to have their website listed on this page. This is an optional (free) service, can further enhances your website through additional advertising on this site. Please note that all the sites listed above may not be hosted by www.rthost.co.uk, but have either been developed in full or maintained by www.rthost.co.uk.