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When selecting a web design and development company, it can be difficult to find that perfect synergy between creative design and functional usability, while maintaining phenomenal service and a reasonable price.  www.rthost.co.uk provides innovative, versatile and expandable custom web site or template-based solutions to suit your needs at a fraction of the time and cost of most other organisations.

Remember with www.rthost.co.uk you are the customer - Our aim is to deliver YOUR exact requirements, this can only be done by offering both value for money and a personal service.  Many of the services listed below can be delivered by other organisations, but they are usually fronted by a large faceless organisation that is more interested in your money than providing service, this can be especially true if you are a private individual or smaller company looking for that internet presence.

Domain Names
A domain name acts as a placeholder for your internet presence.  If you do not already have a domain name we can register one for you, or you can use an existing domain name (you must own or have administrative control over it!) to point at your website.

Website Design
As every customers needs differ we are able to offer a Web site design service that caters for single page static sites to multi-page systems with database and dynamic content.

Website Maintenance
Too busy?, not enough in house skills to maintain your own website? - Perhaps your current design company has let you down or your web designer has moved to another company.  We can maintain your existing website for you to bring the site up to date or add/remove content.

We are please to offer "affordable" Hosting to everyone, we have a number of price plans available depending on your anticipated requirements.  We can also customise the majority of packages to meet your needs.

eMail Services
Don't need a website, but need a way for people to get in touch with you? - Many ISP's are now blocking email addresses from the many free organisations due to SPAM, we can offer a number of Email Services to suit your needs allowing a single email address to your organisation or an address for every employee.

Not sure what you need?, then speak to us.  We can offer consultancy on a wide range of computer related subjects including training on many products to help you help yourself in future therefore saving you or your organisation money in the long-term.